BoardWalk – Crying


BoardWalk’s debut single ”I’m To Blame” was no less than impressive, as was their follow-up “High Water” – creating a sort of honest nostalgic melancholy that is difficult to replicate. The fragile beauty of these tracks made BoardWalk one of the most blogged and talked about new acts during this summer, earning them well over 50k plays on SoundCloud and almost equal amounts of views on YouTube. But the languid guitars, nostalgic drum machines, soft organs and whispering vocals, did suffer from an obvious Beach House comparison, one that they are doing their best to shy away from on “Crying”. Gone are the organs (or at least put way in the back), while the guitars are considerably more pronounced, with the sound finding a soothing gateway between Arcade Fire’s “Ocean Of Nosie” and Bobby Vinton’s “Blue velvet”.  Look for the LA duo’s self-titled debut album, released via Stone Throw Records on October 15.

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