CRUSHES – Heartache


Curxes, CHVRCHES and now CRUSHES, it’s increasingly hard to tell these names apart. It doesn’t help that these acts move in similar fields – with all three being female-fronted outfits dedicated to elegant and dynamic electro-pop. Other than that, there is plenty to tell CRUSHES apart. For one, they are from the other side of the Atlantic; secondly, they move in a significantly more allusive and hypnotic pace.

“Heartache”, their latest and arguably most accomplished composition to date, displays a more traditionally pop oriented approach than their former singles. A beat-less nocturnal intro give way to crashing waves of synthesizers with the vocals floating along in beautiful synchrony.  There isn’t a clear sense of where the verses end and the refrain begins; all oscillates effortlessly in and out of each other to a crisp and maximized production without ever loosing focus.

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