Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry



There is something truly fragile, almost ethereal, in the way Mutual Benefit, the moniker of Jordan Lee, layers “Advanced Falconry”. It’s a song mostly made up of banjos, violins, hand-claps and incredibly tuneful vocals, and while it does have a certain Sung Tongs and Seven Swans feel to the instrumentation, the way these old-timely instruments interact with the beautiful falsetto, is mostly akin to some of Mercury Revs, The Shins and most notably The Microphones best work.

What sets “Advanced Falconry” apart is the raw beauty of Lee’s vocals, but everything from the stunning violin play by Jake Falby or the backing vocals of Julie Byrne and Virginia del Pozas are crafted with a refined frailty that effortlessly falls into its rightful place. It’s a crispy breeze of fresh air, almost a bit misplaced in the musical zeitgeist of 2013, yet despite of it, or perhaps because of it, “Advanced Falconry” is not only the most accomplished composition of Lee’s career, but also one of the most harmoniously stunning songs I’ve heard all year.

“Advanded Falconry” is taken from Love’s Crushing Diamond.  The album starts shipping October 16 and can be ordered on Digital/Vinyl/Cd or streamed here.

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