Los Waves – Got A Feeling EP


Portugal’s Los Waves move in the context of psychedelic injected pop music, but it’s a relaxed, feel-good take on psych-pop that intersects between several disparate sentiments. They borrow their tropical flavors from fellow Balearic cronies Delorean, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to convert fans of Oracular Spectacular-era MGMT.

“Got A Feeling”, the title track of their debut EP, builds on a guitar riff that takes its cue from “All Along The Watch Tower”, but basically works as a ‘dance track’, at least in the same way as “Electric Feel” or “Come Wander” got indie kids on their feet. Having said that, “Got A Feeling” can hardly be labeled as proper dance music, as the production is warped in a VHS styled lo-fi haze, lacking the punch you typically hear on the dance floors.

On “Two Wild Hearts” and the shoegaze-tingled “How Do I Know”, the other two tracks that make up the EP, the duo move between different moods and textures, but always with a sense of wide-eyed enthusiasm imbedded in warmth and familiarity.

Los Waves debut reveal pretty straightforward melodies, but it’s music that’s easy to take to your heart, especially if you root for a couple of Portuguese underdogs that got their sound “from months living on a tent in deserted beaches, long drifts through South America and the Indian Ocean, to the modern pace and flavor of one the worlds most music-loaded and trendsetting world capitals.”.

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