John Talabot – Without You


With last year’s brilliant Fin, Barcelona’s John Talabot left the punchier dance floor aesthetics of his early releases aside, to sculpt a distinguished slowed down niche at the intersects of house music and indie pop. Similar to what Caribou attempted with 2010’s Swim, but approached from the opposite angle. Much like The Field and Scuba, Talabot’s Fin found an audience outside the confinements of house music,  and at least for me, it remains one of last year’s most engaging full-lengths and one of the most elegant electronic full-length released in recent years.

Bursting with the same sun-soaked Balearic nostalgia as some of Fin’s finest moments, Talabot returns with “Without You” from his upcoming DJ Kicks compilation, a renowned series helmed by !K7 Records. According to the press release, the collection will be “steeped in Talabot’s home town, the clubs he went to growing up, the music he heard, the sound he’s gone on to craft with his own productions and take to the world.” The compilation will shed some light on where Talabot’s influences comes from, feature music from people he admires as well as some of his labels unreleased tracks and also two original compositions, that aside of “Without You”, also will feature a collaboration with the Swede Axel Boman, titled “Sideral”.

Regardless of what the compilation eventually will end up like, “Without You” stand tall amongst Talabot’s most suggestive creations – a kind of euphoric melancholia found in the early days of the deep house movement. It has the ability to work equally good on the dance floor as in the private sphere of home speakers – a rare trait that only few can master.

John Talabot: DJ-Kicks will be released via !K7 Records on 28th October.

Also check out the Club Revision of “So Will Be Now…”, the stand-out cut from Fin:

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