James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier



If you’ve heard James Vincent McMorrow’s 2010 debut album Early In The Morning then prepared to be stunned. This is a musician who made a semi-successful career out of pursuing folk music, and whether or not you thought it stood out in the midst of all folk revivalism, “Cavalier” sounds nothing like it. This is the first single of his forthcoming sophomore album, Post Tropical, and it moves inside of a loosely fitted R&B taxonomy, at least in the same way as Bon Iver Bon Iver , or the music of James Blake does.

Remarkably, this change of scenery doesn’t feel forced or unnatural. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I heard a falsetto that flows this assuredly and beautifully. McMorrow croons over downcast electronic textures, fast and far away from the acoustic guitars of yesteryears. The minimalistic opening patiently builds towards its triumphant peak – on where a cacophony of percussions unifies with earthshattering horns, that is no less than stunning. As an artist McMorrow seems to run with the times and punches, not concerned of staying in one place, and as a consequence, “Cavalier” works best without the burden of past endeavors.

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