Museum Of Love – Monotronic


There’s currently a lot of action going on over at DFA Records. The Juan MacLean recently released one of the year’s most impressive house bangers and James Murphy’s remix of Bowie caused quite the stir during the last few week. On top of that, Holy Ghost! made a decent follow-up to 2011’s self-titled debut, and now, former LCD Soundsystem drummer, Pat Mahoney, premiered his second track under his newly started Museum of Love moniker. To be precise, Museum of Love is a duo, where Mahoney shares the stage with Dennis McNany, a touring partner of the Juan MacLean, runner of Run Roc label and who also releases music under his Jee Day alias.

“Monotronic” sounds and feels very much like a typical DFA release. The production is crystal clear with heavy emphasis on the lower registry. Mahoney’s voice sounds a lot like that of Brian Eno, and it’s possible to pick up on traces of David Byrne as well as Brian Ferry – some of the artists that DFA and Murphy seem to hold close to their hearts. Considering the repetitious nature of “Monotronic”, the title can be deemed as an appropriate one, but the suggestive ambiance piles heaps of tension during the tracks five short minutes. While the tension builds, the duo pulls more than enough attention-grabbing trickery to keep you on your feet.

The duo is presently recording their debut album, due for release in early 2014.

Also, if you missed it, here’s Murphy’s remix of Bowie:

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