Febueder – Alligator


I guess everybody is busy listening to the new Arcade Fire, but if you for some reason already are fed up or need a break, then I deeply recommend Febueder – a trio from Ascot with an almost impossible name to make sense out of, or to pronounce accurately. Apparently, it’s ‘Fuh-buew-du’.

Altough there were previously other tracks available, “Alligator” is currently their only track on SoundCloud. It’s an unpredictable number, best described as a post-industrial form of blues-rock – dark and enigmatic – on where the singer conjures a young Roger Daltrey. Genre means little to these guys, which is a good think, and even though the erratic nature of “Alligator” sounds a bit fragmented, I’ve always taken a liking for bands that aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries. On November 25 the trio will release their debut EP, titled Soap Cary, Soap Carv via Tape Club Records.

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