Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough


For those of you who’ve been sitting on the moon the past few years, Blood Orange is Devonté Hynes, the man behind some of the swankiest R&B singles to be found on planet earth. His rooster includes Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” and Solange Knowle’s “Losing You”, to name the two most obvious ones. The prolific man has also created several notable remixes, including Phoenix’ “Entertainment” that did a fantastic job of outshining the original.  

While I’ve always been interested in his work as a producer and remixer, I never been completely won by his own solo efforts. “Are You Sure You’re Really Busy?” and especially “Champagne Coast” stood out from Coastal Grooves, an otherwise bleak debut album released roughly two years ago. A lot has happened since then of course, and his latest compositions show a clear change in direction that is more in line with the slick 80’s vibe he produces for others.

“You’re Not Good Enough” follows “Chamakay” as the second single of his upcoming Cupid Deluxe, an album I bet will become a best of the year contender on several high profile music blogs. It features soulful backing vocals from Friends’ Samantha Urbani and has that distinctive ‘Hynes vibe” recalling mid-80’s Prince. As a contrast to some of the downcast, minimalistic R&B made popular by The Weeknd and How To Dress Well, it’s refreshing to hear a track like “You’re Not Good Enough” that doesn’t concern itself of being restrained. This is a full-blown pop track, featuring funky disco-riffs and sweet and sugary synth lines that easily could’ve become an 80’s radio staple. As for the lyrics, it’s the perfect track to send to your ex..

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