Broken Bells – Holding On For Life


In 2010, James Mercer from The Shins teamed up with superstar producer Brian Joseph Burton a.k.a Danger Mouse under the name Broken Bells.  Anticipations were on a high note – this was after all two of indie music’s most fascinating artist at the time; Danger Mouse had just landed the Grey Album, one of the most successful mash-ups of all time, while The Shins had released three consequently great to brilliant albums. But Mercer’s and Danger Mouse’s debut as Broken Bells was a relatively disappointing affair, even though it produced occasional sparks of splendor (“The Ghost Inside” and “Vaporize”).

Almost four years have passed since and the duo is getting ready for their sophomore album, titled After the Disco. “Holding On For Life”, the first teaser, is the catchiest piece of music they’ve written together, and as the album title reveals, it bridges into disco by carrying a deep funky bass line and a spot-on Bee Gees falsetto by Mercer. The duo seems to have traded the 60’s for the 70’s, and by doing so, they’ve hit right on the mark.

After the Disco is out January 14 via Columbia Records.


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