NONONO – Scared


Amid all the synth flavored pop music currently emerging out of Sweden, I give NONONO the highest chance of survival. This mainly for the same reasons as for why Icona Pop became such a success story. First of all, NONONO is a name that sticks on memory. Secondly, as far as catchy pop music goes, NONONO knows how to produce one hell of song. As we predicted and so intensely expressed , “Pumpin’ Blood” had no trouble conquering the net and went later on to become a hit – at least in the sense as we bloggers tend to define a “hit”; by the amount of commercials/TV-series a song is featured on, or by the amount of YouTube and/or SoundCloud hits a song generates. Currently, “Pumpin Blood” holds over 800.000 SoundCloud plays and almost 2 million (!) YouTube hits. Not bad. But as far as chart success goes, I’m not sure the trio left a considerable mark yet. Then again, I could be wrong; I’m not one who follows sales figures.

On “Scared”, a track of the upcoming Kitsune Maison compilation, the trio toned down the intensity of “Pumpin’ Blood” and the stunning “Human Being”, but without compromising on catchiness. The same goes for “Scared” as for their previous creations; you’re immediately drawn in by hooks and a carefully put together arrangement that effortlessly blends “real” instruments with synthesizers. Calling it electro-pop almost misses the point. “Scared”, and NONONO’s music in general have more incoming with Niki & The Dove and Beatrice Eli than the swooning synths of CHVRCHES or Postiljonen. And even though there is a considerable amount of music sounding similar to this, few can make their songs sway with the same easy as NONONO.

One thought on “NONONO – Scared

  1. Frida says:

    I can see the comparison to Niki & The Dove in this song.
    I’ve heard this song before, not knowing/recognizing that is was NONONO, to me it doesn’t sound like the previous songs Pumping blood or human being – in both a good and a bad way. I don’t find this song as good as my own personal favorite Human being but I like that these singels doesn’t all sound the same as some artist songs tend to do. I’m curious about the album!

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