IYES – ‘Til Infinity


I’m still not sure what to make of IYES. Their first track “Lighthouse” was a shameless (although more than decent) rip-off of The xx’s sound – heavy on the reverberated guitars and male/female tangled vocals inside a sparse and muted atmosphere. “Glow” on the other hand was a sparkling synth-pop gem of anthemic proportions that rightfully placed IYES on a lot of blog’s watch list. Since then, almost a year has passed in silence, and I was getting to wonder if we ever would get a proper release from Melis Soyaslanova and Josh Christopher. Yet here we are, and the duo once again demonstrates that there is no way to predict what they have in store for us. “Til Infinity” sounds nothing like either “Lighthouse” or “Glow”. Instead we get a pretty straightforward mid-tempo pop song, heavy on the hooks and pounding percussions. In some respect, it’s their most confident and measured creation that probably serves as a wisely chosen first single. Still, I do miss the unpredictability of their early demos and I find miself secretly hoping that “Glow” will eventually get a proper single release.

“Til Infinity” is released on December 2 via the newly established Duly Noted Records.

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