Turn Off Your Television – Save All The Liars


Sweden may be one of the greatest exporters of synthesizer based pop music, but finding decent folk pop/rock is far from easy. That is if you don’t count the Malmö-based Turn Off Your Television, one of few exceptions that confirms the rule. The trio may still have a few tricks left to learn from their American counterparts, but they’ve nonetheless gone from strength to strength with every subsequent release. The band is getting ready to release their third album in equal amount of years and going by the comparatively more sedated “Save All The Liars”, featuring beautiful horns and piano play, their sound seems to have evolved into something noticeably more sustainable.  There’s a distant familiarity in their creations, taking notes from Feist, Woods and Bowerbirds, but one thing is for certain; their music is in line with the great Swedish tradition of delivering simple yet memorable hooks that roll across the ears with strong harmonies and whiffs of melancholia.

Save All The Liars is out November 21.  The album will be free to download or ‘pay what you like’. Get it here.

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