Casual Sex – Then Again


Casual Sex must surely be one of the best – or at least – most playful band names that ever existed. But the Glasgow foursome is more than just a funny (and sexy) name. They first made a splash with “Stroh 80”, a piece of good old fashioned art pop, akin to Talking Heads and Orange Juice. Or at least to a time when mixing punk and disco was considered trendy. Since then, they’ve continued to put out a handful of new tracks on SoundCloud, performed at this year’s CMJ’s and toured with Franz Ferdinand.

With its vigorous punch and chest-tightened urgency, “Then Again” gives homage to classic post-punk. They’ve traded in the art-pop-y traits of “Stroh 80” for a murkier punkish sound. As a result, it’s more Gang Of Four and less Talking Heads. But even though their music can at times feel a bit too indebted to its influences, there is, in my opinion, something instantly detectible in Sam Smith’s vocals that sounds distinctly his own. So, while Casual Sex is far from being alone down this particular path, they do it increasingly convincing.

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