Gap Dream – Love Is Not Allowed


The music of Gap Dream has certainly taken an unexpected turn. They’ve traded in the lo-fi indebted psychedelia of their debut for a substantially richer sound that lies somewhere in the crossfire between classic melodic pop and krautrock. Sounds exciting? It is. What’s even more exciting is that by the sound of their three latest singles, their new album should by widely eclectic. Latest single, “Love Is Not Allowed” is a huge departure from “Shine Your Love”, just as the latter was clearly different from “Fantastic Sam”. These three brilliant songs run so fast and far away from the debut that it’s hard to believe they’re released by the same band. As Gabriel Fulvimar, the brainchild of Gap Dream, recently explained;

We were definitely not preserving any sort of previously existing sound. We were making a new sound for Gap Dream. The tempos are faster. The synths are louder. The drum machine is up-front and relentless. The rhythms are full of life, strict, and very apparent. I’ve wanted to make a record like this my whole life.”

Collectively, the new direction Fulvimar has taken could be referenced to everything from The Kinks, Beach Boys and The Beatles to Iggy Pop, Can, and Suicide. Thus far, all evidence points towards Shine Your Light becoming an ambitious and pronounced record. Out November 26 via Burger Records.


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