Marissa Nadler – Dead City Emily



Unfortunately late on this one, but if you somehow missed that Marissa Nadler have a new single out than here’s another chance. Without an extensive knowledge of her back-catalogue beyond the last two albums, I would still argue that on “Dead City Emily” she sound as haunting as ever. While that’s a word tend to be tossed around a lot when writers want to put emphasis on a song revealing certain otherworldly qualities, it’s rarely more fitting than on “Dead City Emily”. Black metal producer Randall Dunn is behind the knobs to succor Marissa’s voice with a backdrop of ghostly textures. Long gone are the days of pure acoustics, and a gleaming synth strain whirrs along Nadler’s gentle finger picking guitar play. Goth-folk, dream-folk – no matter the label, few artists possess the qualities of Nadler; eerie yet warm; melodic but not structural; but most of all, beautiful.

Her upcoming 7th album July will be her first on Brooklyn label Sacred Bones. Out on February 4.

July Tracklist:

1 Drive
2 1923
3 Firecrackers
4 We Are Coming Back
5 Dead City Emily
6 Was It a Dream
7 I’ve Got Your Name
8 Desire
9 Anyone Else
10 Holiday In
11 Nothing in My Heart

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