Tame Impala – Be Above It [Erol Alkan remix]


There’s already been tons of remixes and remakes made of various cuts from Tame Impala’s stunning Lonerism, but I would say that this one from UK producer Erol Alkan ranks as the very best. He takes on the beat-heavy album opener “Be Above It” and stretches it into an 8 minute acid stomper, and it’s hard not to think of “Chemical Beats” and mid-90’s British arena-sized dance music in general. Compared to the club-friendlier vibes of “Bang” and “A Hold on Love” – two cuts from Alkan’s upcoming debut EP Illumination – the sound of this remix comes as a bit of a revelation. It’s substantially heftier and more “festival-ready”, but as it turns out, Alkan’s acid breaks does an amazing job of complementing the psychedelic vibes of the original.

Alkan’s remix of “Be Above It” will only be available on white-sleeved vinyl limited to 1500 copies. Out on December 6 via Modular People.

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