Electric Youth – Innocence


Obviously, Canadian duo Electric Youth (together with College) will forever be remembered for their incredibly gorgeous “A Real Hero” – the most prominent contribution on the almost mythical Drive soundtrack. But there is more to the band than that particular song. If you remember, the wonderful compilation album Valeria and Friends, released via the French blog/label Valerie Collective, worked as a pre-Drive era introduction for those who were thirsty for nostalgia driven italo disco. In very good company, ranging from Russ Chimes, College to Anoraak, Electric Youth’s input, “Faces”, was definitely one of its highlights. Since then the duo has continued to release a steady stream of singles, with the latest being “Innocence”. It does its best to be the one most akin to “A Real Hero”, which is understandable considering that tracks undying popularity, but as expected, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Still, its steady driving beats and Bronwyn Griffin’s neon-lit vocals make a perfect match. The duo is currently working on an upcoming and currently unnamed album to be released next year.

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