The War On Drugs – Red Eyes



The War On Drugs 2011 album Slave Ambient was nothing less than brilliant; the sort of illustrious folksy rock that evoked equal amount of associations to Springsteen, Petty, Dylan, as it did to Can and Neu!. Adam Granduciel and his crew are getting ready for an early 2014 release with Lost In The Dream that will mark their third full-length, not counting their 2010 Future Weather EP. By the sound of “Red Eyes”, the first cut from the LP, it seems that little has changes since Slave Ambient. They always held the incredible skill to stretch out a simple idea into a wondrous journey without ever losing sight of the melody. And ever since their lo-fi debut Wagonwheel Blues, they’ve become increasingly better at it to. “Red Eyes” is not only one of their most melodiously conscious songs to date, but it seems like Granduciel is more confident than ever to explore an idea and see where it takes him. They’re turning out to become an impressively consistent band, and with “Red Eyes” they may’ve released on of the best songs of the year.

Lost In The Dream is due out March 14 via Secretly Canadian.

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