Jorge Elbrose (Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht) – Called To Ring


“Hang On to Life”, the absolutely stunning collaboration between Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht, turned out to be one of the most brilliant singles of the year. The duo now return under the Jorge Elbrose alias (Ariel’s real last name is Rosenberg, hence the moniker) with a track distinctively dissimilar to their former. While “Hang On to Life” leaned towards Pinks’ most accessible creations of Before Today and Mature Themes, “Called To Ring” is classic rock at its core, disguised in fuzzy guitars and thick noise. Pink and Elbrecht seems to feed off each other like it’s the most natural thing, and I can’t help wonder how a full album from the pair would sound like. Probably outright brilliant.

“Called To Ring” is taken from Mexican Summer’s 5 Years compilation. Out on December 9. Order it Here.

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