Misun – Nothing Else


The musical style of Misun is hard to pin down, and they don’t seem to waste any time getting their songs out there either. On their SoundCloud page, you’ll find a potpourri of songs that range from beat-heavy electro-pop to the crude garage rock of “Darkroom”. But in the midst of all their disparate flanks and whims, there is this beautiful 60’s inspired side to the band that slowly has gained on me. “Battlefields” and “Harlot” are two wonderful examples of this – both which I’ve sadly missed to post last year . And yesterday they uploaded “Nothing Else”, a track that essentially takes its cue from the same place as these two songs, while also taking notes from the more animated side of the band.

Misun is a widely fun and unpredictable band, but they also come off as having a hard time to settle in their ways and finding a suitable path forward. In my opinion, here you have it. On “Nothing Else” they’ve taken the best of all their worlds and rammed them into their most vivid display to date.

One thought on “Misun – Nothing Else

  1. Harlot is my favourite of these three. If you like this song, you should totally listen to their new song Travel With Me. It’s amazing! I just posted it, or it’s on their Soundcloud page.

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