The Men – Pearly Gates


The Men aren’t necessarily amongst the more talented bands, but they do try harder than most. Their discography consists of four albums in equal amount of years; an eclectic mish-mash of genres and hits-and-misses, with the Americana sways of New Moon being my least favorite out of the bunch. Conversely, Open Your Heart’s reimagination of every thinkable rock genre was easily one of my top 30 albums of 2012. In March, Brooklyn’s busiest rock band is set to release yet another album titled Tomorrow’s Hits – surprisingly their first recorded in a proper recording studio. And while the title promises a band that is done with the coziness of classic rock, I believe it’s mostly intended as a joke. First single, “Pearly Gates” sounds anything but a hit for tomorrow. But behold! It is a sort of blues-rock-punk fusion that actually works. And I be damned if it doesn’t make you think of “Brand New Cadillac” by The Clash. That old “return to form” cliché indeed applies to “Pearly Gates” and its six-minutes of rubber burning honky tonk action.

Tomorrow’s Hits is out March 4 via Sacred Bones.

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