Soft Lighting – Unborn

Soft Lighting EICV7in No 59

This is the first time I’ve heard of Soft Lighting, the moniker of Kansas City producer Bryan Cox. But of what I’ve come to understand, Cox has been busy dipping his toes into a variety of styles over the past two years. His debut album embraced the widespread chillwave movement of the time, a sound he later traded for vintage synth pop. On “Unborn” (curtesy of yvynyl) he turns yet another corner; to an economical blend of icy R&B and downcast electronica. The first half of “Unborn” flirts with early Junior Boys, before glowing synth lines, frigid percussions and pitch-shifting vocals recasts “Unborn” as something for both heart and feet. While I’ve only given Cox’s previous efforts a quick glance, “Unborn” seems the right way forward.

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