Real Estate – Talking Backwards


A lot like their former label mate Woods, Real Estate aren’t inclined to move things around much. Consistency and melody has over the years served as Real Estates two best weapons. Put together, they form a singular purpose for Real Estate’s craft – a sort of harmonious precision that conveys emotions over skills – where no guitar lick or vocal line is ever wasted. For a band that moves inside such a well-defined space, it’s an important, if not an imperative, reason for their staying power.

Not surprisingly, all the instantly gratifying elements that made Days one of the best albums of 2011, are equally present on “Talking Backwards” – a smooth jangle-rock that serves as the first single off their impending album, Atlas. From the first notion of Matt Mondaline’s guitar to Martin Courtney last timbre, “Talking Backwards” structure is wide open, carrying the same strong sense of melody as we’ve been spoiled with over the years.

Atlas is out  March 4 through Domino.

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