Marissa Nadler – Was It A Dream


I’ve only recently began to dig further beyond Marissa Nadler’s discography than The Sister and its self-titled prequel – both equally wonderful. Her stunning soprano backed by melancholic soundscapes makes each album an advisable listen, and while still having her first two albums left to wholly get lost in, I’m inclined to say that she has one of the most absorbing discography of any artists of the past decade. Over the years, she has expanded her reach; putting on more layers bit by bit, occasionally even tossing her acoustic guitar aside. All that culminated on “Dead City Emily”, her former single, on where metal producer Randall Dunn created a backdrop of otherworldly textures made up by spacious air and spectral synth strains. An easy choice to include on our best of 2013 list.

While her new single, “Was It A Dream”, might be less sinister and perhaps more conventional in structure, Dunn’s airy production is equally felt. The song starts out gently, before an arrangement of fuzzy guitars and breathtaking strings amplify its transient melancholy. 10 years into her career, Nadler never seems to settle, and while her music has received a variety of tags over the years, she’s constantly on the move, expanding on her enigmatic and increasingly idiosyncratic arrangements. Her new album July will be issued on Brooklyn label Sacred Bones. Out on February 4.

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