Mac DeMarco – Passing Out Pieces


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Mac DeMarco can write outstanding hooks, but he certainly owns a pair of tuneful ears. In the beginning of his Captured Tracks odyssey, his melodies were buried too deep in jangly lo-fi, before it all came together on 2 – a quietly brilliant masterstroke that perfectly balanced his quirky side with affable songwriting. But most importantly, the songs on 2 carried a charmingly disarming, almost otherworldly, guitar play that more or less has become his trademark. To my surprise, these guitars are largely absent from “Passing Out Pieces” – the first single of his forthcoming Salad Days – and replaced by synthetic horns and arpeggiated organs that sounds a bit tame. Still, it’s a nice enough single that (in this case) is pleasantly devoid of any major surprises.

The release date of Salad Days is set for April 1. Released via  Captured Tracks.

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