Sevendeaths – All Night Graves


The beauty of “All Night Graves” is hard to put in words. It’s a melding of two separate spheres; a fuzzy backdrop of distorted synth pads keeps a steady focus, while increasingly unstable drones construct mayhem. It’s almost hypnotic, creating a sensation of being trapped between chaos and order, darkness and light, going everywhere while still keeping still. The spooky title is a bit misguiding; “All Night Graves” isn’t so much a tale of horror, as something celestial. It’s almost as if you can hear the entire universe being created in ultra-rapid. The wall-of-sound of riffs intensifies throughout; slowly gravitating into a black-hole that threatens to collapse under its own weight. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and so are most of the five tracks on Sevendeaths, a.k.a Steven Shade’s, Concreté Misery. Out via the Glaswegian label LuckyMe.



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