Baby Baby – Pleasure Gun


Over the years, Obscure Sound’s Mike Mineo has pampered my ears with promising newcomers. DYI / lo-fi band Baby Baby is the latest; a five-piece who style themselves as “a dirty doo wop band from Chicago”. A depiction that certainly gets my attention. So far they’ve released one album that is now available for streaming and purchase via bandcamp. Sonically, it digs into a potpourri of influences, ranging from The Ronnettes to The Strokes, and for fans of early Deerhunter there’s a whole bunch of tracks to get swayed by. This range of stimuli certainly ads to the albums timeless appeal, but not in a dull and predictable sort of way. It’s a fun and refreshing debut that gives promise of a bright road ahead. Stream album highlight “Pleasure Gun” below and read a fuller account here.

3 thoughts on “Baby Baby – Pleasure Gun

  1. sara says:

    We are sharing your review for this excellent new band and a stunning first album. They have a great sound and like you we predict great things!

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