Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams


Going by their last album, 2011’s Creep On Creepin’ On, Canadian trio Timber Timbre is most likely the eeriest folk-rockers I’ve heard. Songs about witchcraft, séances, horror movies and lines like “I felt your poltergeist present” inflicted an overall ghostly presence that made a good case for its title. While the quality control on that album wasn’t as strong as on their self-titled Arts & Crafts’ debut, Taylor Kirk’s lyrics made it nonetheless an intriguing listen.

New single, “Hot Dreams”, continues largely where the last record left us, but with more memorable, intricate harmonies. It’s also one of the most affectionate (and non-creepy) lyrics he has ever written. There is still a drop of eerie presence on “Hot Dreams”, but its warmth and Kirk’s yearning vocals balance it out. Towards the end, there’s a romantic, classically sensual, sax solo by Colin Stetson that finishes of “Hot Dreams” in style. This is a slow-dance well worth taking.

Hot Dreams, Timber Timbre’s fifth album is out March 31 via Full Time Hobby and April 1 via Arts & Crafts.

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