The Men – Another Night / Different Days


After ”Pearly Gates” it was more difficult than ever to know on which course the try-everything-once rockers of The Men were on. But after last year’s unfortunate New Moon, it nevertheless saw them return to some kind of form. Today, The Men released, not one, but two new teasers that may or may not give more clues to how Tomorrow’s Hits eventually will end up sounding like. The tracks will be featured back-to-back on the album and shows two divergent sides to their rock aesthetic. On one hand, we got a potent E Street Band meets The Clash clemency in “Another Night”. And on the other, we have “Different Days”, a physical, riff heavy rocker with krautrock motoric that should be easy for Open Your Heart-era fans to embrace. If you asked me, I would say that the latter is the most potent out of the pair.

Tomorrow’s Hits is out March 3 in the UK /Europe and March 4 in US/Canada, via Sacred Bones

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