Kevin Drew – Good Sex



My long time fascination with Kevin Drew and Broken Social Scene never seems to cease. I could write lengthy essays on why I think BSS should be regarded amongst the most imperative bands of our time, or how I’m still baffled by how few people in this part of the world (read Scandinavia) can name one of their songs, or even know who Kevin Drew is. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate human beings, then his 2007 solo debut is actually good place to start. In addition to unloading elegant dips into familiar BSS terrains, I hold that Spirit If… was the most capable and lasting set of songs the former BSS singer and chief songwriter has been involved in since 2005’s crucial Broken Social Scene. I say this without taking anything away from Forgiveness Rock Record, the bands rock solid swan song, it’s just that time has treated it less gently than most of their other outputs.

Four years have passed since we’ve heard from Drew, but on Mach 18, Arts & Crafts along with City Slang, are set to release Darlings, his second solo album. “The record is a celebration of memories. It’s about the rise and fall of love and sex, in my own life and in today’s society” he recently explained. Lead single “Good Sex” clarifies further with its socio-sexualized lyrics; “Good sex should never make you feel hollow / good sex should never make you feel clean”, Drew croons over precise piano loops and resolute drumming. By the time you reach the chorus; “But I’m still breathin’ with you, baby” you should already be convinced that this is the stickiest, most hook-laden song Drew has ever written.

“Good Sex” was released a few weeks back and gets now a remix by long-time BSS producer Dave Newfeld, who turned it into a beat and percussion heavy affair. It’s a spirited and glowing take on the original, perhaps more reminiscent of Broken Social Scene sprawling aberrations than the original, and as such, it’s equally brilliant. Stream both below.

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