Slasher Flicks – Little Fang

artworks-000070216478-05rtpv-t500x500 (1)

Four years after Avey Tare’s solo album, Down There, he returns with  the oddly named project Slasher Flicks, a joint effort with former Dirty Projectors’ member Angel Deradoorian and Ponytails’ Jeremy Hyman. First taste “Little Fang” sounds far-stretched from Down There or latter-day Animal Collective, rather the trio embrace lush 70’s space-pop draped in warm melancholia , not unlike that of Ariel Pink’s last two albums.  Most improtantly, the track conveys a quirky sort of catchiness and enough fun to raise interest for the trio’s full-lenght. Enter The Slasher House  is out April 7 via Domino.

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