Woods – Moving To The Left


With2010’s wonderful At Echo Lake, Woods left their early lo-fi freak-folk excursion for good. Since then, the band kept releasing consistent and tuneful records almost on a yearly basis. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite amongst their latest four or so efforts, but going by the cozy “Leaves Like Glass” and now “Moving To The Left”, their upcoming new album has thus far teased me with some of their most enduring and melodious songwriting. Since Woods rarely have a weak song on any given album, this promises a lot.

Over unexpectedly compressed drums and distorted bass play, “Moving To The Left” goes straight to the point with a classic sing-a-long hook, catchy enough to be placed next to the The Beatles. The electric guitars keep hitting at you with expressive assurance, and there is clear evidence that Woods slowly began drifting off their folksy psych-rock roots towards a kind of timeless pop music.  “Moving To The Left” could well be Woods most melodic moment, proving that the band is capable of shaking things up.

With Light and With Love is out April 15 via the bands own Woodsist label.

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