Pure X – Starlight


Less than a year has passed since Pure X released their second album, and yet here we are today with the news of a new one under way. The Texas band recently signed to Fat Possum and their third album, Angel, should arrive on April 1st.

If most of Crawling Up the Stairs was draped in a weird tormented melancholia, this one feels like breezy walk in the sunset. And even though there is little left of the foggy lo-fi psych of their curious, but irresistible 2011 debut album Pleasure, I find myself liking their simplified, classical sounding harmonies on “Starlight”. The production and melody is much cleaner, and the shimmering cyclic guitars sound wonderful next to Nate Grace’s gentle falsetto. Bassist Jesse Jenkins said that their next record won’t sound like Crawling Up the Stairs. Maybe they exorcised their collective demons on that one, as the rays of sun found their way into “Starlight”.

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