Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite


When considering that Todd Terje has 130+ remixes under his belt and a decade spent as an authoritative figure on the Scandinavian dj scene, it’s strange that the seasoned electronic veteran hasn’t released a proper full-length until now. As opposed to his fellow Norwegian spacey disco patrons Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, who built careers on their long plays, a handful of singles is all Terje Olsen had to show for. It’s more than likely that the success with his infectious “Inspector Norse” has encouraged the increase in productivity, but while “Strandbar”, “Spiral” and “Swing Star Pt 1 & 2” was a solid trio of worthy follow-ups, nothing in his catalogue comes close to the marvelous “Delorean Dynamite”.

Terje pulls out all the tricks from his magic box and delivers a well-needed mid-winter vitamin D injection. It’s impossible not to get swayed by the alternating chord progressions of the Moroder-esque bass line, the swarms of melodic drones that drop in and out. And about mid-way through, when the cosmic funk guitar makes its entrance, the levels of dopamine in your brain should be reaching alarming heights. Intense, epic, euphoric, “Delorean Dynamite” is all that. And it’s amongst the most dynamic – even hypnotic – dance music I’ve heard since John Talabot’s Fin.

Finally, It’s Album Time, and if he wanted a track to make the release into an event, this certainly does it. My only complaint is that “Delorean Dynamic” is about fifteen minutes to short.

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