Thee Oh Sees – Penetrating Eye


Although on a long term hiatus, and with singer/bandleader John Dwyer recording weirdo electronics under his Damaged Bug moniker, Thee Oh Sees are planning to release a new album later this spring. The album titled Drop, will more than likely become the last Thee Oh Sees album for a while. In this case, “while” is a highly relative term since we’re dealing with one of rock music’s most prolific band. But with a pace of at least one album release a year, they never gave me much reasons to miss them. Maybe after Drop the void will finally be felt.

First taste, “Penetrating Eye” is muscled rock monster, featuring distortion effects, amplifiers on max and driving riffs in the tone you’d expect after last year’s adrenaline fueled Floating Coffin. But there’s also a directness to the melody, and a clearer sense of structure never before heard from the band. As always, there is no telling what the end result will sound like, but coming from a band that over years kept a galloping speed of churning out solid-to-great records, it will no doubt be a treat.

Drop is out on April 19 via Castle Face Records.

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