Signor Benedick the Moor – ..//End


Sacramento’s Signor Benedick the Moor is 20 years old Christian A McLaurin who creates wonderfully weird – self-released and self-produced – hip hop that his PR described as if Danny Brown rapped over super theory-based Renaissance music. While that descript sounds accurate for most parts on El Negro, his debut full-length, there are also elements of noisy electronics and metal-ish sounds on several tracks, explained by his background in metal and hardcore bands. But it’s the most “conventional” track on the album that stands out. On “..//End” he drops some seriously skilled and personal lines about dropping out of college, being an old soul, and not concerning himself too much what others do. The dark and self-reflecting lyrics are escorted by a laid-back groove that culminates in an intense, almost claustrophobic noise.

McLaurin’s unusual moniker is a mash of two Shakespeare characters; Much Ado About Nothing’s main character Benedick, and “Aaron the Moor”. Both these characters work at a personal level for McLaurin, who identifies with both.; “I’ve felt like an outsider since I began to form my self-awareness, because of my half-white, half-black heritage, and because I always seemed to think so much differently than everyone else.”, he recently explained.

El Negro can be heard in its entirety on his bandcamp. Get prepared for some seriously eclectic mix of genres, vocal styles, and moods.

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