Miserable – Orchid


Perhaps you remember that we recently featured 3/4ths of Halloween Dream, Miserable’s debut EP, and here is now “Orchid”, the fourth and final track. Neatly tucked between the soaring opener “Bell Jar” and the harrowing weight of “Spinning”, “Orchid” continues Kristina Esfandiari’s pursuit of dramatic gestures and interchanging textures between metal stung shoegaze and gothic, almost skeletal, dream-folk.

What strikes me the most is how disarmingly vulnerable Esfandiari sounds underneath the fuzzy layers of spilling guitar noise. Before the release, she talked about her anxiety and isolation while being on tour with her former band Whirr, and while grateful of the experience, arranging and writing this EP is what kept her sanity. As she throughout the EP battles between the beautiful and the devastating, this turmoil is easily felt. She covers a tremendous amount of sonical ground on these four short tracks, yet the result is a focused, highly original work, that is far removed from her former bands stale shoegaze. On Halloween Dream, she has successfully forged her own strange, arresting path that fans of Chelsea Wolf and/or Zola Jesus should find easy to take to their hearts.

Halloween Dream is out now on hard-numbered, ultra clear 7-inch with Gold Haze, via The Native Sound.

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