Modern Rivals – Pins and Stitches


For the better part of my adult life, I’ve held a soft spot for tracks like “Pins and Stitches”. The track shares bags of similarities with Animal Collective, Yeasayer, Local Natives and countless others, or as Pitchforks Ian Cohen put it; “The moment you hear Erick Lee’s high, piping vocals on “Pins and Stitches”, you’re set off running through the past 40+ years of Beach Boys-influenced indie rock”. Yet, the older I get, the harder it gets to retain interest for this type of catharsis seeking, retro-tinged chamber/folk pop. But for now, Modern Rivals galvanizing spirit reminds me of why I loved those aforementioned bands in the first place. With a myriad of” woo-hooo’s”, chants and attention-grabbing trickery, this is a charmingly sweet and wonderfully constructed track from start to finish. While still proudly wearing all their influences on their sleeve, it’s no doubt that with “Pins and Stiches”, Modern Rivals have taken a huge leap forward.

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