Ought – The Weather Song


Constellation Records, a constantly impressive Canadian independent label and responsible for one of my favorite album releases so far this year, recently signed the promising Montreal band Ought, that serves as the latest edition to their massive roster, going back to 1997. The band, who’ve played together since 2011 and quickly gained repute for their acclaimed live shows, are getting ready to release their debut album, More Than Any Other Day, on April 28th. Below, is the funky, art-punk of first single “The Weather Song”, along with the krautrock stained “Waiting” that unfortunately didn’t make the final album cut. I find myself digging their slightly strewed and exuberant post-punk, and going by these two tracks and their two years old self-released EP, New Calm, there are a lot of talent yet to be revealed from the quartet. Highly worth keeping at least one, preferably two, eyes on.

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