Great Good Fine Ok – Not Going Home


As far as falsetto heavy synth pop goes, Brooklyn band Great Good Fine Ok delivered one of last year’s most ear- and eye-catching debuts with “You’re The One For Me”. 500k Soundcloud and 50k YouTube plays later, the band recently returned with second single “Not Going Home”. Honestly, it would be hard for any band to follow a track like “You’re The One For Me”, but “Not Going Home” is satisfying enough to ingrain their position as one of Brooklyn’s most interesting new synth-pop acts, while also positively avoiding any form of “one hit wonder” stamp.

The refrain on “Not Going Home” slightly misses the mark, but the aerated production is every bit as swanky and adept as one could’ve hoped for. Bands like Passion Pit serves as the most obvious comparison, but now after two tracks, a clearer sense of the band is starting to emerge. If the current musical climate will allow, the duo should have fairly bright future ahead of them. As for what to expect from GGFO in the next 6 months, the band recently said that touring and more songs are in plan. For now, listen to “Not Going Home” below.


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