The Acid – Creeper


 Ever since last year, I’ve been meaning to write a few lines about the – back then – mysterious project of The Acid and their promising self-titled debut EP. Since then, The Acid revealed themselves as the unlikely trio of Australian singer/songwriter RY X, British Grammy nominated DJ Adam Freeland and Californian producer Steve Nalepa, while also details of a forthcoming album titled Liminal have recently surfaced.

First single “Creeper” is electronic minimalism at its very finest. There isn’t much going on; a deep stomach-hitting bass line, occasional outburst of violent percussions and the detached, close-miked vocals of Ry Cuming. Yet, the primal rapture of “Creeper” is as daunting as the drums on Portishead’s “Machine Gun”. Gone are the comparably lighter guitar-injected touches of their previous tracks, and left is an uncompromising nerve that is – I imagine – not unlike a drug-fueled night gone horribly sour, just when a sense of acute panic is dawning.

Liminal is out on  2 June on Infectious.


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