Alice Boman – What


 “What”, Alice Boman’s latest single is a real beauty. It’s the first glance at Boman’s upcoming EPII, the follow-up to Skisser, her delicate debut EP that was never meant to fall on any other ear but her own. Fortunately, and thanks to Malmö label Adrian Recordings, it did, and the response has been overwhelming since.

When listening to Boman, I always seem to feel that life slows down for a moment, as if hypnotized by an otherworldly creature that pours her wisdom over me. “It’s not all what it seems”, she sings on “What” over her familiar homespun piano chords. Her lyrics are direct and don’t leave much room for alternative meanings, but despite, or perhaps because of it, every whispered word she utters sound purposeful and sincere. Her music has the ability to bolster whatever heartrending emotion her listener feels, while at the same time being wholly comforting.

I keep coming back to Boman, and her music is indeed remarkably sincere and singular. The elusory feelings that Boman’s music transmit seems to grow stronger with each song she pours on us, and I can already see her as the most important folk-songstress to come out of Sweden in years. And despite my early concerns that Boman could never repeat the haunting authenticity of Skisser, it thankfully seems as her bare-skinned approach to songwriting and arrangement remains just as gracefully intact on “What” as it did on Skisser.

EPII is due on June 3 via Adrian Recordings in Scandinavia, Happy Death in the rest of Europe and The Control Group in North America.


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