Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Strange Colores


Avey Tare continues to release new music with former Dirty Projectors’ member Angel Deradoorian and Ponytails’ Jeremy Hyman, under their new Slasher Flicks moniker. Compared to the lush space-pop draped “Little Fang”,  new track “Strange Colores” finds Tare in more familiar territory. Still, I’m not overly convinced of this ventures lasting potential. For one, these two songs doesn’t exactly articulate a connected story; secondly, while “Strange Colores” possess some winsome qualities, it isn’t terribly far-flung from the sonic identity of latter day Animal Collective, which ultimately finds Slasher Flicks as more of a Tare solo project than a collective band effort. Still, while the world is waiting for a new Panda Bear solo album, Slasher Flicks is more than capable of easing a strong Animal Collective abstinence. Enter the Slasher House is out April 7th/8th on Domino Records.

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