Farewell J.R – Skin Pieces / Slow Breath


When Farewell J.R released their debut EP Health last year, it was impossible not to take notice of Nick Rayner’s bruised, but dignified vocals. The essentially flawless six-track EP was a surprisingly multifaceted debut – especially in the context of chamber folk-rock – but Rayner’s anguished croons held it together with an alloy of complex ideas and beautiful foibles.

Built on the same desolated mood as Health, new songs “Skin Pieces” and “Slow Breath” finds the band taking leaps in production and arrangement. And even if Rayner’s voice is more polished and pitched an octave higher, it remains the most intriguing aspect of Farewell J.R. On here, some of Health’s quirky imperfections are traded for luster and clarity, yet these two songs are new reminders of the bands ability to tie together calm melancholy and dramatic expressions. Look for Farewell J.R’s new EP And Still, out April 21 on Talking Shop Records.


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