Glass Random – Out From The Garden


You might remember the video for Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar”, filmed out of a moving train that brilliantly captured the music’s suggestive minimalism. The same type of befitting visuals could easily be assigned to “Out From The Garden”, the latest track from the 3+ years running project of Glass Random. Winnipeg’s Dave Shaw, the man behind the moniker, recently told yvynyl that he “wrote this song trying to capture some part of the tension between the rhythmic mechanical movement of trains and the wild unknowable movement of the natural world.” That sentiment is brilliantly transferred into the motoric, forward-driven tensions of “Out From The Garden”, which for most parts – I imagine – sounds like Suicide, if they had continued releasing music well into the eighties.

“Out From The Garden” is taken of Cover Me Cedars, Cover Me Pines, Glass Random’s by far most realized set of songs to date. Stream the EP here.

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