Colours – My Memory Is A Maze

You might remember a track called “Save Your Sorrows” by “a mysterious Londoner who goes by the name of Tom”. It’s now revealed that the man behind some of last year’s most eyebrow raising dream-pop debuts is Australian-born Tom Crandles. Since then, he scrapped the Sun Machine moniker, took all of the tracks down from SoundCloud, signed with  wonderful indie label Father/Daughter Records (Saskatchewan, Small Wonder, The Everywheres), and regrouped as Colours. “My Memory Is A Maze”, another track under the old moniker, has thankfully resurfaced again, and even though we’ve already featured it, here is a new chance to bath in its foggy shoegaze glory.

“My Memory Is A Maze” is out as a double A-side digital together with “You Can’t See Me”. Stream both below. Hopefully my prayers are heard and “Save Your Sorrow” will get the same treatment.

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