The Fresh & Onlys – Animal of One

Of what I’ve heard so far, there’s a good chance that The Fresh & Onlys forthcoming album is going to be up there with Play It Strange, their 2010 breakthrough. While former teaser “Bells Of Paonia” was a near drum-less fuzz-fest of curious stripped-down textures, the starry-eyed psych-rock of new proper single “Animal of One” finds the band on more familiar ground, pulling of one their most digestible and sing-along friendly songs as of yet.

Both these songs showcase new ways of how frontman Tim Cohen’s vocals connects with whatever mood or instrument the rest of the band throws at him. Especially “Animal of One” is strikingly focused, without a single bar gone wasted or growing stale. The refrain, together with the purposeful six-strings and gentle washes of pianos and synths, generates cathatsis beyond anything I’ve heard from the band. Compared to 2012’s so-so Long Slow Dance, this is so far a marked step-up. Their new album, titled House Of Spirits, is out via Mexican Summer June 10.

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