Gold-Bears – Yeah, Tonight


Gold-Bears may’ve started out as a rather harmless jangle-punk band from Atlanta, but on the glorious, instant classic “For You” they showed just how energetic and powerful they’ve become since their 2011’s Are You Falling in Love. The warm, anthemic guitar chords together with Jeremy Underwood’s angst-driven vocals – vaguely recalling Los Campesinos! impassionate gust – made “For You” an angry ‘fuck-you-I’m moving-on’ free-falling joyride.

Their new single “Yeah Tonight” is another heart-thumping piece of music showing that “For You” wasn’t a lucky swing. It’s melodic, heavily orchestrated and every bit as energetic as “For You”. The drums play in a frantic mode, but the melodies on top feels intimate and endearing. And I absolute love the interchanging boy-girl vocals between Underwood and Emma Kupa of UK band Standard Fare. Look for Gold-Bears new album Dalliance via Slumberland Records. Out June 3.


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