High Ends – The Weight

 It’s easy comparing ”The Weight” to any number of acts blending big 80’s pop hooks with lo-fi production choices. But as it turns out, Jeffrey Innes – the man behind High Ends – does well by this much revisited style. Innes succeeds in turning these familiar sounds into a pleasant and uplifting song that transmit warped, distant echoes of My Morning Jacket run through early-Twin Shadow’s retro-futurism. There are some clever choices in sequencing and arrangement; like when towards the end, Innes’ cries are curved and bend on top of a distant, reverb-heavy guitar solo. If you look through the lens, you can still easily see that this is the same guy that usually fronts Canadian widescreen classic-rock band Yukon Blonde, but on “The Weight”, Innes does something far more exciting and memorable.

“The Weight” is released via Dine Alone Records.


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